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The future will be wonderful!

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“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”


What is a Paradigm? It is a coherent model to view and make sense of the world. 

What is a Paradigm Shift? The simplest way to explain it is through an example: 

Lightning strikes: QUICK! Bring me my youngest son, I shall offer him as a sacrifice to calm the gods!

Lightning strikes: It's a normal electric phenomenon. Let's install a lightening rod and we'll be fine.

From this simple example, you can see that paradigm shifts are extremely powerful. While the outer reality has not changed, our perception of reality and the meaning we assign to certain events has radically changed. A paradigm shift is what really enabled us to move from living in caves, to building complex cities, buildings, cars, computers and more.


Paradigm shift
"A company, organisation or institution is no different than a living organism. It evolves and has it's own will to survive. In order to do so, it must anticipate future changes. YoumanE.T's purpose is to help you navigate the current uncertain times and open up your vision for a brighter future."
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Create a custom built talk by choosing from over 30 different themes and modules, tailored to your interests and needs, whether you want to explore concrete challenges such as climate change, financial crisis or delve into deep metaphysical questions.


Pick a full scale training on a given topic, to acquire a deeper understanding and mastery. Training sessions are scheduled regularly. Among the available topics, you will find: money, blockchain and crypto-assets, and Holon philosophy.

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See the benefits of a lighter approach, building a narrative, a story, with lively examples, allegories and metaphors opening up your imagination and creativity to think outside of the box, and setting judgement and other inhibitions aside for a time.


Answering the great existential questions so humanity can thrive

Hi! I'm Martin Schmalzried, father of two beautiful children who will one day, inherit our Planet. As a concerned father, I have wondered what kind of Planet, what kind of world we will leave to our children. After going into a deep depression, terrified by the ever looming apocalypse taking on so many forms from a nuclear winter, to a financial crisis meltdown, or cataclysmic natural disasters due to climate change, I have managed to crawl my way back out of despair and find a positive narrative for humanity's future. In the process, I have undergone a profound transformation of myself, and my world vision, amounting to a genuine paradigm shift. 

I can help you

Consciousness   /   Meaning  /   Paradigm Shift  /  Blockchain  /   Climate Change  /  Artificial Intelligence  /   The Future of the Internet  /   New Financial System  /   Decentralization  /  Human Development   /   Space Exploration   /   Holon Philosophy   /   Spiral Dynamics   /   Bridging Science and Spirituality  /  Simulation Theory  /  New Business Models  /  Future Developments  /  Big History   /  Multidimentionality   / Jesus and the Bouddha /  Free will / God and spirituality  /  From Nothingness to Infinity and Beyond  /  Masculine and feminine  /   Communications  /   Transportation   /   Non duality and Oneness   /   Decoding biblical allegories  /  Inside Out Universe  /  Love, Fear and Harmony   /   Poietic Generator   /   Truth and Choice  /  Intuition and Precognition  / Victim, perpetrator and savior  / Music and vibrations

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