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Links and resources

Here are some resources from my work as well as links to external material well worth your time.


Martin Schmalzried

Mirroring Biology - the necessary evolution of the economic and financial system. 

In this paper, I explore the upcoming transition from our existing economic and financial system, to systems in line with the 21st century's new paradigm.

Martin Schmalzried


A fictional video exploring how our financial and economic system will evolve by the year 2042. 


Spiral Dynamics

Spiral dynamics is a comprehensive model exploring the "big picture" evolution of collective human psychology.

Arthur Koestler - Holon philosophy

Arthur Koestler is was a Hungarian author and philosopher. He notably came up with the concept of "Holon Philosophy", which sees the Universe as structured by systems nested inside each other.


David Christian - Big History

David Christian is a historian and founder of the "Big History" discipline, which aims at putting our human history into perspective, when examining the larger history of the Universe.

Rupert Sheldrake - Morphic Resonance

Rupert Sheldrake holds a PhD in Biochemistry and is known for his theory of "morphic resonance", the idea that all living species are connected to a field which influences their individual and collective development.

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