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Paradigm shift

Climate change, coronavirus, wars... is there any hope for humanity?

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Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in forecasting and the future, and wants to hear an original point of view on what lies ahead for humanity, and how to tackle the many challenges we are facing ahead.

Why propose this training?

The worldview or paradigm that one abides by, directly impacts their scope of action in the world. For instance, under the monotheist religion paradigm, most people were concerned with securing their ticket for paradise. They weren't concerned with spending time understanding their reality, uncovering the rules of nature, or improving their standard of living. Under such a paradigm, progress is slow.

Switching to a materialist science paradigm revises people's priorities. Suddenly, the meaning of life is not about going to paradise, but improving one's living conditions and expand our understanding of reality. 

Thus a paradigm directly influences one's priorities and actions, and shifting paradigms may completely revamp the way we interact with reality, and come up with solutions to certain problems that could have never been thought about under another paradigm.


1. Paradigm shifts - introduction - 2 hours minimum - 3 hours recommended

  • The only constant in life is change. Everything evolves. While we are familiar with biological evolution, we have a hard time wrapping our heads around the evolution of our worldview or the succession of various paradigms. And yet, humanity has undergone many radical paradigm shifts, the latest one being the shift from monotheism to materialist science. In this introductory module, learn more about paradigm shifts, identify the signs, see the patterns, and get an inkling of the new paradigm humanity is moving towards. ​​​​

2. Paradigm shift applied to specific topics - 1h30 minimum per session

  • Finance and economics: As the current economic and financial system are on the verge of crumbling, blockchain technology emerges out of nowhere. Is there a deeper meaning to these events? 

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Internet: Where does the road of Artificial Intelligence lead? Is it inevitable that an AI emerges at some point and enslaves all of humanity? 

  • Politics: What could possibly transcend our current representative democracies? Can a new paradigm also revamp the way we think of politics and society? 

  • More topics available on demand.

Image by Greg Rakozy


Paradigm shift - introduction: Regular price - 1000€ 

Sale until 1st December 2023: 399€  (travel and accommodation not included)

Paradigm shift in specific topics: Regular price - 800€

Sale until 1st December 2023: 299€  (travel and accommodation not included)

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Paradigm shift modules are available in both french and english.

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