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It's the story of God walking into a bar and...

magine that you are a perfect God in all aspects. You are all that ever was, is and every will be. Omniscient. Pure Love…

But one day, your God buddies talk you into going to a bar and having too many drinks. You drink, and drink, and drink… The next day, you wake up in a hospital bed, all your God buddies are around you with big smiles on their faces.

One of them says: “Dude, glad to have you back! We thought we had lost you there for a few hours!”

God: “What happened? I don’t remember a thing!”

Your buddies smile and ask: “Do you really want to know? You might be a bit embarrassed though…”

God: “What are you talking about! I’m God, I’m Perfect!”

And so your buddies whisk out their smartphones and show you the glorious evening during which you attempted to kill half of them, burned down the bar, vomited on a bunch of fellow Gods on the street, stripped naked, and ran around scaring the hell out of other Gods walking around until you finally passed out.

You felt so ashamed but at the same time, you felt puzzled. How could this be? You were a God, Perfection itself. OK, the game is on. You took this as a challenge. You were going to drink yourself silly until you managed to behave like the God you were, even under alcohol induced amnesia. So you called up your Godly friends and they happily accepted to help you. Night after night, coma after coma, you would wake up in a bed and your friends would show you how you behaved the night before. You were slowly making progress. At one point, you even managed to snap out of your amnesia while being drunk!

Until one day, you never forgot who you were, regardless of the number of drinks you had.

You may have found this silly, but it illustrates rather well the esoteric principles of life, death, reincarnation, karma and the eternal soul.

Many esoteric readings speak of a “life review” where you have the opportunity, when you die, to review your life and decide whether you were satisfied or happy with all the decisions you made. “Karma” simply means that once you come back to your senses (once you die and realize that you are an eternal soul), you might regret some of the things you have done (just like in the story above) and decide to give it another try since your behaviour does not match up with “who you really are”.

The process of reincarnation can be seen as this “challenge” above, where God drinks himself into an alcohol induced amnesia (the process of birth) and upon waking up from that coma (death), reviewing whether his actions during that time met his “highest standards and ideals”, and repeating this process until he was happy with the result (never forgetting who he was). This repeating cycle then creates what we see and experience as evolution, progress and change, where the Universe manifests ever more complex ideas which are able to reflect, in ever more complex ways, God's perfection to itself.

It also illustrates the idea that there is no punishment. You basically “punish yourself” (by being born again in a physical body). No one is judging your actions. It is simply that upon waking up, you would feel ashamed of what you had done. In essence, all of us have experienced this. Just remember the last time you sat down with your family to watch old family videos, and you watched one where you were 6, and you were throwing a ridiculous tantrum or saying very silly things. You might feel ashamed, and so it is your “older self” judging your “younger self”, but with all the compassion, love and understanding you have for yourself (that is, you would never harm yourself). It is the same process happening when you die: as you are reunited with your eternal soul with it’s eternal wisdom, your point of view on your life is the same as an adult judging his younger self. The word “judging” is a bit harsh here, since your eternal soul could care less. It’s eternal, it cannot die, regardless of what you do. It is rather a sub-part of that soul representing you, your memories, who you are, that wishes to “do better” and asks to be reincarnated to better reflect what your eternal soul is (Infinite Wisdom, Love, Compassion…God).

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