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The Meaning of Life

This is the story of millions of spermatozoa suddenly appearing in the middle of an unknown and hostile world. Up until then, they were cozily sleeping in Paradise. Why have they been released in this acid world who wants them dead? They start exploring, in all directions.

Some are attracted by the light, thinking it might be the way out and they die. Others, not wanting to go on a pointless exploration quest find a nice and soft spot along the sides, doze off in contemplation, admire the beauty and moist of what seems to be a cavern and wait for death’s tender embrace. Carpe diem goes the saying! Others, still, fight between each other, under the spell of their fear of death, they take the lives of others, as a proof of their will to live, somehow feeling that it might give them power over life and death.

Finally, a group of spermatozoa pushes forward courageously into the darkness. Perhaps the answer they seek is in the mysterious and the unknown! Suddenly, after having traveled for a long, long time, they find themselves in front of an object that irradiates magic and mystery. The spermatozoa surround it and try to guess what the object may be and what’s its significance.

The first spermatozoa shouts impetuously: “This is the works of Satan himself! Evil incarnate which ensnared us into coming here to die and then burn in Hell!” A gentle wave rippled through the object which grew so slightly, but nothing seemed to happen.

The second spermatozoa tried next and said: “This is the works of God! Unconditional Love, it will lead us to Paradise and will free us from our suffering!” The object duly noted the compliment, it’s surface shape lightly changing.

The third spermatozoa took his turn and declared: “I have taken empirical measures. We are in a tunnel which measures 8495 spermatozoa units large and 49387 spermatozoa units deep. This is a sphere. Let me just measure it, it will take me but a moment, the time to find the number Pi.” The object listened intently and it’s surface rounded up neatly.

The fourth spermatozoa claimed loud and proud: “Who cares what this is! First, are we sure that our senses don’t deceive us? What is the truth? You all have your little ‘theories’ but what are they really worth? Know thyself, that’s challenge enough.” And upon those words, the object disappeared to the eyes of the fourth spermatozoa, who twisted around himself by trying to find all the answers within. The object vibrated a little, as if it were offended.

The four spermatozoa died in turn, in the hostile, acid environment. As he died, the first spermatozoa noticed a huge pit opening beneath him, and he descended to Hell. The second found himself in Heaven, in front of God. The third appeared in a high end scientific laboratory. The fourth one found himself alone in the void of space.

Finally, after the religious, scientific and philosophical spermatozoa, an ordinary spermatozoa steps forth and stammers: “I don’t know who I am, nor why I am here, I don’t know who you are, nor why you are here. I think you are whatever we want you to be: at the same time All and Nothing at all, Good and Evil, Science and Religion, Order and Chaos, the Truth and Lie. You can be potentially anything. The only thing I am certain of, is that I don’t want all this adventure to amount to nothing, gone through all of the hardships, all of those joys, all of those moments of awe and mystery, laughs and tears, for nothing. I am a Question, you are another Question, together, we will form a new Question even more complex then our own, to be born in a hostile and unknown world, having to start the same journey all over again.”

The mysterious object opens up and welcomes the spermatozoa within itself. They forget who they thought they were, and forget what they thought they knew, knowing only one thing, that they will Live another day, and enjoy the Privilege of being able to ask, once more: “who am I? why am I here?”

At the same time, the souls of the four other spermatozoa are victims of their own mental prisons for having belittled the importance of Life. The first one will be tortured in Hell until he understands that evil on the outside is only a reflection of the evil he holds on the inside, the second one will be pampered in Paradise, until he snaps out of it by sheer boredom and takes a bite out of the forbidden apple, the third one will calculate an infinite amount of problems impossible to solve until he is forced to admit that there may be things that are beyond the reach of Empirical Truth and the fourth one will have to recreate a Universe all by himself, until he admits that such as Universe is pretty shallow and starts to seek the Truth outside of himself again.

Life is Everything and it’s opposite, a complex blend which may not always be to our liking. But things may be simpler than they might appear: the meaning of Life, is Life itself, Life for it’s own sake.

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