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Tens of billions of years of cosmic evolution, and
an unbroken chain of life going all the way back
to the first living cell to get here. And for what?
So that humans can destroy themselves, taking the
entire biosphere with them?

No! It’s time to discover a simple and powerful
truth: everything is going according to plan.
What if every human being were just one cell in
the same «body», a super-organism, a «being»
we’re far from imagining? What if we were like a
baby in the womb, about to be born? It’s time for
humanity to give birth to itself.

To find new solutions to the same problem, we
must first and foremost transform our vision of the
world, stop hating ourselves, forgive ourselves and
forgive humanity. Only then can we work together
to find solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

In this book, you’ll discover a new way of seeing
the world, you’ll rekindle with a sense of meaning
in life, you’ll learn how you can overcome your
fears and anxieties, and above all, how to live in
harmony with yourself and the planet.

A future as one - Everything is fine, it's all going according to plan

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