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Modular design speeches and talks

Trainings - Talks

Conference talk

1h30 on average with 30 minutes Q&A

Promotion: 399€ until 1st December 2023


Half-day or full day 

From 99€ 

Online workshops

1h with 30 minutes Q&A

From 20€ 

"A company, organisation or institution is no different than a living organism. It evolves and has it's own will to survive. In order to do so, it must anticipate future changes. YoumanET's purpose is to help you navigate the current uncertain times and open up your vision for a brighter future."

Martin Schmalzried
Scattered Coins

Money, Blockchain and crypto-assets

A complete training for beginners to understand what money is, the general economic context, blockchain technology, crypto-assets, and the deeper spiritual meaning behind finance.

Image by Alina Grubnyak

Paradigm shift

Dive deep into the paradigm shift that humanity is going through. This training is about answering the big existential questions: why are we here? What is the meaning of our existence? See how all of the problems and challenges we are experiencing are connected and carry a more profound meaning. 


Request a special talk designed specifically for your company, organisation or institution's needs, area of activity and interests or build a talk by combining multiple modules and themes into a tailor made speech for your needs.


Get a custom built illustrated narrative to help you think outside of the box and look at existing challenges and problems humanity is facing with a fresh perspective.

Recommended minimum time for a talk: 1h30.

The first session/talk starts with a recommended introduction of the Paradigm shift for a minimum of 15 minutes, and a conclusion or wrap up of about 10 minutes. Other modules/themes can then be added. Subsequent talks can be fully flexible. Working languages: English and French.


Choose from over 30 modules and themes and create the perfect story tailored to your needs and interests.


Paradigm shift introduction 15 minutes + Blockchain 30 minutes + Decentralization 15 minutes + Artificial Intelligence 15 minutes + conclusion/wrap up 10 minutes.

Recommended combinations:

  • A new vision and new hope for the future: Paradigm shift (full) 30 minutes + Holon philosophy 15 minutes + decoding current events (30 minutes) + conclusion/wrap up 10 minutes.

  • Why fixing the financial system is the first step: Paradigm shift introduction 15 minutes + Holon philosophy 15 minutes + New Financial System 15 minutes + Blockchain 15 minutes + conclusion/wrap up 10 minutes.

  • Removing all filters when looking at reality: Paradigm shift introduction 15 minutes + meaning 30 minutes + consciousness 30 minutes + conclusion/wrap-up 10 minutes.

  • Are we alone in the Universe? Paradigm shift introduction 15 minutes + Holon philosophy 15 minutes + Space exploration 30 minutes + Artificial Intelligence 15 minutes + conclusion/wrap-up 10 minutes.

  • Looking for God: Paradigm shift introduction 15 minutes + bridging science and spirituality 15 minutes + Jesus and Buddha 30 minutes + spirituality and God 30 minutes + conclusion/wrap up 10 minutes.

  • Take me as deep as the rabbit hole goes: from nothingness to infinity and beyond 60 minutes + multidimensionality 45 minutes + conclusion/wrap up 10 minutes.


Consciousness has been called the "hard problem" by David Chalmers for a reason. It resists empirical analysis as it is a highly subjective experience. The theory that consciousness is produced, created by the brain is but an assumption based on a purely materialist view of reality. In this module, dive into the core mystery of consciousness, explore various alternative narratives and especially, the implications of what it would mean if consciousness is not produced by the brain.

Timing: 15 to 45 minutes

Brain Sketch

Nothing is more powerful than a paradigm shift. Moving from monotheist religion to materialist science was the last shift our western societies have undergone, and it has completely transformed our world. Find out how the last shift occurred, and learn about the potential new paradigm shift to come.

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes


Distributed ledger technology, or Blockchain, is all over the media, and is depicted as a truly revolutionary technology. Find out how this technology is related to humanity's paradigm shift, why it has emerged now, and what role it will play in the future.

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes

Image by NASA

Some are enthusiastic about the potential of Artificial Intelligence for making life easier, others are scared about it's potential for human control, going as far as the emergence of the "Singularity". Find out how artificial intelligence fits into the paradigm shift humanity is moving through.

Timing: 15 to 45 minutes

Image by Possessed Photography

The financial system is on the verse of another crisis, and some experts consider that we already are in a major financial crisis, hidden by central banks' monetary policies. But what are the alternatives or solutions? The financial system is at the core of many problems and will be one of the first things to change in the new paradigm. Learn about the future of the financial system and how it is meant to function to best serve humanity as a whole.

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

How can we interpret our own development? Is there a hidden pattern or meaning behind the way humanity has grown and expanded on this planet? When looking at plants, animals, planets, everything around us evolves according to certain parameters, conditions, laws, rules. Which rules govern humanity's development? Where are they leading us?

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes

Building Under Construction

A holon is a system (or phenomenon) that is a whole in itself as well as a part of a larger system. It can be conceived as systems nested within each other. Every system can be considered a holon, from a subatomic particle to the universe as a whole. Learn how Holon philosophy is at the center of humanity's paradigm shift.

Timing: 15 to 45 minutes

Image by Esther Jiao

Religion, spirituality and science divorced over three centuries ago. Is it even possible to reconcile them? How can the Big Bang co-exist with creationism? See how a paradigm shift can shed a new light on spirituality and science.

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes

Image by John Thomas

How will businesses make money in the future? What will the labour market look like? Find out how business models are likely to evolve in the future as the new paradigm sets in.

Timing: 15 to 30 minutes


Our current reality exists in three dimensions representing space, and a fourth one representing time. But what are dimensions really? What if time wasn't linear? Explore the deep implications of a multidimentional way of thinking and how humanity will transition to higher dimensions.

Timing: 45 to 90 minutes

Image by FLY:D

Some research in neuroscience points to evidence suggesting the absence of free will. The brain apparently takes decisions some fraction of a second before it reaches our conscious awareness. Are we truly just sophisticated robots with an illusion of free will? 

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes

Image by Shane Devlin

The relationship between women and men has been a hot topic for the last few decades. How will men and women be affected by the upcoming paradigm shift? Are men and women really the same? How can we achieve harmony between women and men?

Timing: 30 to 45 minutes

Image by Micheile Henderson

The transportation industry is in crisis and is attacked on all fronts: pollution, traffic jams, waste of natural resources and raw materials... Explore how transportation could radically change in the future.

Timing: 15 to 45 minutes

Image by Markus Winkler

Who were the most influential spiritual teachers in mankind's history? What was their mission? How can we relate to them and their message? Find out how the paradigm shift of humanity brings us closer to their core teachings promoting love, peace and harmony.

Timing: 30 to 45 minutes

Image by Robert Nyman

The Bible is most probably one of the most influential books ever written. But do we truly hold the correct interpretation for its key messages and allegories? Find out how a paradigm shift can help reinterpret select important passages of the Bible.​

Timing: 30 to 45 minutes

Image by Kiwihug

Love, fear and harmony, or in other words, attraction, repulsion and equilibrium. How do these three key forces hold the Universe together? Why is harmony so important? What is really love and fear? How are they similar? What is the difference between love and unconditional love? See how a new paradigm can re-explore these key concepts from a fresh perspective.

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes

Image by Jamie Street

In its quest for truth, humanity may have actually tried to avoid making choices. Identifying "facts" and universal truths is a clever way to avoid taking responsibility and pretending that one didn't have a choice, that one's course of action was dictated by something Universal. Find out how humanity can move beyond the dichotomy of "true" vs. "false", and how it can free itself by rekindling with making conscious choices.

Timing: 30 to 45 minutes

Image by Jon Tyson

See how these three main characters have kept humanity in a hamster wheel for millennia, and how to change our perspective to transcend these roles and build truly profound relationships with others.

Timing: 15 to 45 minutes

Image by Charl Folscher

Find out how assigning meaning is of utmost importance. In a world which is basically just a dance of particles, atoms, molecules, exchanging information and energy, assigning meaning is the only way to make decisions.

Timing: 15 to 45 minutes

Image by Jamie Street

Climate change, financial crisis, the coronavirus, artificial intelligence, blockchain, what do all of these things have in common? Find out how a new narrative can assign a completely new meaning to these seemingly unrelated things.

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes

Image by Nonsap Visuals

Scientists are nearly unanimous: climate change is at our doorstep, and the likelihood that we will manage to keep the temperature from deviating less than 2°C is very slim. Is there no way to avoid the climate driven apocalypse?

Timing: 15 to 45 minutes

Cloudy Day

While the Internet infrastructure is decentralized, the web, the data and websites running on top of the infrastructure, is very much centralized. In the near future, the Internet will move more and more towards decentralization, serving the role of humanity's nervous system. Learn more about how the Internet will be transformed.

Timing: 15 to 45 minutes

Image by Lars Kienle

Our societies are undergoing a profound transformation where centralized entities are either failing or showing their abusive powers and obsession of control. At the same time, decentralized technologies, including blockchain, are an emerging way to get rid of intermediaries and allow people to self-organize, self-govern themselves. Find out how decentralization fits into humanity's paradigm shift. 

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes

Image by Alina Grubnyak

The Universe is incredibly vast. So vast that it is unimaginable for most human beings. So far, we have managed to go to the Moon and send a few gagdets to Mars. What does the future hold for space exploration? What are the odds that we are truly alone in this gigantic Universe? See just how a paradigm shift can change our perspective on space exploration and the possibility of extra-terrestrial life.

Timing: 15 to 45 minutes

Spacecraft in Orbit

How did human psychology and consciousness evolve over the last few millennia? Spiral dynamics proposes a revolutionary model to explain how human consciousness matures, and is a corner stone in understanding the current paradigm shift.

Timing: 15 to 45 minutes

Image by Reid Zura

From Elon Musk to Neil deGrasse Tyson, more and more prominent public figures discuss the possibility of our reality being a simulation. Explore how a paradigm shift can help shedding light on such a possibility and what the implications are.

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes

Image by Markus Spiske

David Christian is the instigator of a new field of study, Big History, which looks at the entire story of the Universe and identifies key patterns and principles which may shed light on where humanity is going. See how Big History fits into the paradigm shift humanity is moving through.

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes

Image by Jongsun Lee

Does God truly exist? If God exists, why is there no proof of his existence? Why would God abandon his creation? Why would God let evil endure? Explore deeply philosophical and spiritual questions about God, and see how spirituality is linked with humanity's paradigm shift.

Timing: 45 to 90 minutes

Image by Davide Cantelli

There are many layers of depth one can delve into, when reverse-engineering our reality. One can stop at the outer layers or peal away to get to the very core of the onion to plunge into infinity. At these deeper levels, one can easily get lost. Use at your own risk! 

Timing: 60 to 90 minutes

Image by Ryan Stone

How will the telecommunication industry transform in the coming years? Multicast, mesh networking, find out how some of these technologies will completely revolutionize communications in the next few decades.

Timing: 15 to 45 minutes

Image by Denny Müller

"We are One." A nice catch phrase, but what does it actually mean in practice? Come and explore the implications of Oneness, and opening your mind to a tetravalent logic, adding to the "true/false" dichotomy, both true and false, and neither true nor false. 

Timing: 30 to 45 minutes

Image by marianne bos

Whether looking at the Universe, or Nature, the micro or macrocosm, it is filled with repeating patterns: fractals, spirals, the golden ratio or "divine proportions". Why is it so, and how does it apply to us?

Timing: 30 to 45 minutes

Image by John Fowler

When we look out into the Universe, we don't wonder for a second how come there is a world on the outside to begin with. What if everything was upside down? What if what was outside was really inside? Take a deep dive into the rabbit hole and see how our common perceptions may be deceiving us. 

Timing: 45 to 60 minutes

Image by Sergio Santana

It all started with a thought experiment. What would happen if you would place 100 people on a town square, with a led panel as a hat, a camera filming the scene from above, and a tablet in each person's hand, where they could monitor in real time the collective global picture generated from the colors each individual chose to display on his led panel? Find out just how revolutionary this experiment can be for the future.​

Timing: 30 to 45 minutes

Image by Michael Dziedzic

Intuition and especially precognition have been mocked as irrational and impossible. But what if every single one of us was exercising precognition on a daily basis without even realizing it? Find out how a paradigm shift transforms each human being into a magical prescient being.

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes

Image by Ava Sol

What can music teach us about our reality? 

Some theories suggest that behind matter, there is energy, in the form of vibrations. What if music and harmony is the deepest level of reality and all the rest is but a symbolic representation? How can it help in our daily lives?

Timing: 30 to 60 minutes

Image by Tadas Mikuckis
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